Yogah Citta Vrtti Nirodhah  -  Yoga is to gain mastery over the mind ...... Patanjali

About Siddhartha Yoga

 Chow Siddhartha conducting a yoga course for a Netherland group

Chow Siddhartha conducting a yoga course for a Netherlands group at Bangalore


Founded in 2008 by Chow Siddhartha, the Siddhartha Yoga is engaged in health, wellness and stress management programs making a positive difference to society.                           

In modern lifestyle, everyone is under stress and strain.  Therefore, Siddhartha Yoga aims at promoting health, wellness and stress management through the ancient science of yoga.                            

Siddhartha Yoga services include Yoga for Corporate Wellness, Yoga for Corporate Stress Management, Yoga for Computer Users, Yoga Workshop, Yoga Retreat,  Private Yoga Lessons, Family Yoga, Group Yoga and Yoga Therapy for different health problems.

Siddhartha Yoga also provides customized yoga videos appropriate to individual’s needs and conveniences based on one’s age, sex, health condition and work environment.

The yoga courses are handled by well qualified and experienced yoga professionals.



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