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1. What is the best time for asana practice?

The best time to practice is before breakfast, early in the morning, though other times like evening before dinner and noon before lunch are also suitable.

2. What is the best place for asana practice?

The place which is clean, quiet and well ventilated. There should be no bad smells, dampness or cold draughts. The area should be uncluttered with furniture and other objects. Try to use the same place every day to build up an atmosphere of peace.

3. Should I take shower/bath before the yoga practice or after the practice?

Preferably before the practice after you go to the toilet.

4. How many  hours gap  should I maintain after food for asana practice?

Wait for at least three hours after taking heavy meal like lunch and 2 hours after taking light meal like breakfast.

5. When can I take food after asana practice?

You can take food after 15 minutes.

6. What should be the duration of my yoga practice?

The duration of practice should be regulated according to your available time, though the longer the better. Don't set your aims too high in the beginning; only do as much practice as you can easily manage everyday without fail. For example, fifteen minutes practice every day is better than one hour's practice on one day, none for three days and then again one hour's practice.

Many people set themselves an unrealistic program which they do for the first few days, and then the enthusiasm slowly fades and eventually they don't practice at all. So be realistic in choosing the duration of your program, and once you have set it, stick to it regularly.

7. When should I relax? Before I start asana practice, or after I complete asana practice, or in between asanas?

If you are tired physically or mentally before starting yoga due to office work or any other reason, then you can relax in the beginning in shavasana till your tiredness goes away, then you can start your yoga practice. During asana practice you can relax in between as and when you feel tired or breathing rate is high.

A good asana session always ends with shavasana/relaxation or yoga nidra in order to relax the stretched muscles, to  bring the breathing rate into normal level and also to relax the mind.

8. What should be my clothing during asana practice?

Clothing should be as light as possible under climatic conditions, so that free movement is not impeded.

9. Should I breath through nose or mouth during asana practice?

Breathing should be through nose, not through the mouth. It should be as deep and rhythmical as possible.

10. What type of yoga mat should I use?

A blanket or rug should be placed on the floor at the place of practice. Don't use a spongy mattress and don't practice on the bare floor.

11. Should I close or open my eyes during the asana practice?

Close your eyes as much as possible throughout the practice. This will help to intensify your awareness. But you can open your eyes in between as and when required.

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