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We offer Private Yoga Lessons / Private Yoga Classes with private yoga teacher / instructor for Bangalore, Hosur, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ahmedabad and Guwahati. We also offer Online Yoga Classes tailored to your needs and requirements where we guide you step by step for a period of 3 to 6 months. For more details, please contact: +91 9535174390, +91 9845936798 or mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  _________________________________                                           photo credit:                          


If you are looking for a secluded, silent, one-on-one yoga practice with personal care and attention and without any outside disturbances, private yoga lessons are ideal for you. In private yoga lessons you save your time and energy from traveling to a distant yoga studio and practice yoga from the comfort of your home in a personal ambience.  In private yoga lessons you learn properly with one-on-one attention from the yoga trainer.  The yoga trainer also gets enough time to understand your needs & requirements and customizes the yoga practices accordingly for your maximum health benefit.

 If you are suffering from any specific health problems, the private yoga lessons are meant for you. Yoga therapy practices cannot be done in a group, it has to be done always on one-on-one basis as your problem is different from others. In a group yoga class, the yoga practices are not addressed according to your body conditions & requirements, some of the practices in the group might be harmful to you. Moreover, if the group yoga trainer is not a qualified yoga therapist but only a yoga instructor, he may not know the yoga practices that are useful and harmful to your body conditions.  Therefore, if you are suffering with any specific health conditions, private yoga lessons are most ideal for you.   

How many people can join in private yoga lessons?

We accommodate one or, maximum two people at a time in a private yoga lessons.

Private yoga course contents

The private yoga lesson consists of yoga posture (asana), yoga breathing (pranayama), guided meditation and relaxation. Sometimes the cleansing practices like Vamana Dhuti (vomiting), Jala & Sutra Neti (nasal cleaning), Laghu Sankhaprakshalana (intestine cleansing), vyutkarma & sheetkarma kapalabhati (nasal cleansing), Trataka (eye cleansing) and MSRT (immune system enhancement) are also included depending on the requirement of the participant

Frequency of private yoga classes

You can take private yoga lessons 1 – 6 days a week as per your requirements.  Each session consists of one hour duration.

How to enrol for a private yoga lessons ?

To enrol for private yoga lessons please mail to us with the following informations:

i) Please mention your location with landmark (for example if your location is Delhi, please mention which part of Delhi),

ii) The number of people joining the yoga lesson,

 iii) Please mention the preferred gender of the yoga trainer

iv) Please mention your preferred timing for the yoga class.

Where are the Siddhartha Yoga services available?

We offer Private Yoga Lessons /  private yoga classes with private yoga teacher / instructor for Bangalore, Hosur, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida,  Ahmedabad and Guwahati.

Qualification and experience of Siddhartha Yoga Trainers

Siddhartha Yoga trainers are certified from renowned Yoga Universities and Yoga Institutes of India with many years of teaching experience and are full time professionals dedicated for the cause of yoga.

We offer the following yoga services under private yoga lessons:


  1. Yoga for wellness
  2. Yoga for Stress Management
  3. Yoga for Weight Loss
  4. Yoga for Beginners
  5. Yoga for Women:                                                                                                                                      
    • Pre-natal yoga
    • Post-natal yoga
    • Yoga for menstrual disorders 
    • Yoga for PCOS or PCOD
    • Yoga for Wellbeing
  6. Yoga for Children :    
    • Yoga for memory and Concentration
    • Yoga for Eyesight
    • Yoga for Hyperactive Children 
    • Yoga for Health and Wellness                      
  7. Yoga for Youth
  8. Yoga for Sports
  9. Yoga for Senior Citizens


1. Yoga Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders

i)  Back pain  ii) Sciatica iii) Slip Disc iii) Spondylolisthesis iv) Spondylosis v) Ankylosing Spondylitis

vi) Carpel Tunnel Syndrome vii)Repetitive Strain Injuries(RSI) viii)Computer Vision Syndrome

ix) Cervical Spondylosis x) Neck pain xi) Shoulder pain xi) Knee Pain xii) Osteo Arthritis (OA) xiii) Joints pain xiv)Osteoporosis

2. Yoga Therapy for Nervous Disorders

i) Insomnia/Sleeplessness ii)Headache iii)Migraine iv)Vertigo iv)Paralysis vi) Parkinson’s disease vii)Cramps viii) Multiple Sclerosis ix)GB Syndrome x) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS)

3. Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Disorders

i) Diabetes ii)Over Weight iii)Under Weight  iv) Eating Disorder  v)Hypothyroidism Vi)Hyperthyroidism vii)Weight Gain

4. Yoga Therapy for Respiratoy Disorders

i)Bronchitis ii)Bronchial Asthma iii)Nasal Allergy iv)Sinus

5. Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders

i) Constipation ii) Indigestion iii)Acidity iv)Gastritis v) Irritable Bowel syndrome vi)Peptic Ulcer           vii) Ulcerative Colitis viii)Piles

6. Yoga Therapy for Reproductive Disorders

For Ladies only:

  1. Yoga for Menstrual Disorders : i) Heavy flow  ii) Scanty flow iii) Irregular flow iv) Painful menstruation.
  2. Yoga for PCOD or PCOS

  For Males only:

          1.  Yoga for Prostrate

7. Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorders

i) Hypertension ii)Heart Problem iii) Cholesterol

8. Yoga Therapy for Immune Disorders

i) Cancer (initial stage) ii) Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

9. Yoga Therapy for Psychological Problems

i) Anxiety ii)Depression iii)Anger

10. Yoga Therapy for Ear Disorders

i)  Tinnitus

11. Yoga for rehabilitation

If you are suffering with any health problem and require any rehabilitation, our expert yoga therapists will help you.


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