Yoga for Weight Loss

What is Overweight?

Doctors usually define “overweight” as a condition in which a person’s weight is 10%-20% higher than “normal,” as defined by a standard height/weight chart, or as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 30. 

What is Obesity?

Obesity is usually defined as a condition in which a person’s weight is 20% or more above normal weight or as a BMI of 30 or more. 

What is Morbid Obesity?

“Morbid obesity” means a person is either 50%-100% over normal weight, more than 100 pounds over normal weight, or sufficiently overweight to severely interfere with health or normal functioning.

Excess weight is a hindrance …

Excess body weight is a hindrance, leading to breathlessness on moderate exertion and predisposes a person to diseases like atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, gall bladder diseases and osteoarthritis of weight bearing joints and varicose veins. 

Yoga for Weight Loss with Siddhartha Yoga Method 

Siddhartha Yoga Method uses a holistic approach to losing weight. It combines physical yoga exercises with breathing techniques, meditation and healthy diet. The method has been created by the Siddhartha Yoga based on its years of experience in dealing with hundreds of participants.

Yoga is the ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual practices.  Yoga is an ideal form of exercise if you are overweight. It is gentle and carefully graded, reducing the chances of fatigue and injury. Yoga does not strain your heart. It helps you lose weight healthily.

The Siddhartha Yoga Method focuses on eliminating the root causes of weight gain so that you never have to worry about your weight again.

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